Dominique Malebranche

The Trauma Center

Dominique Malebranche, Ph.D., serves as a member of ISCR 2018 Program Planning Committee of Mind & Life Institute. She was granted a student scholarship to attend ISCS 2016, where she was first immersed in the Mind & Life community. Counseling psychologist by training, she is a graduate of University of Missouri, where she studied multicultural psychology and education and worked to develop cultural competencies in clinical and organizational systems. She is a postdoctoral fellow at the Trauma Center in Brookline, Massachusetts, where through Project REACH she specializes in mind-body interventions for individuals with complex trauma exposure, including gender-based violence and exploitation. She has contributed to compassion-based intervention research for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and most recently, is working to develop a program to implement trauma-sensitive yoga for special populations such as survivors of human trafficking and youth with histories of commercial sexual exploitation.

Malebranche utilizes contemplative practice in clinical work and research, as well as to build relationships, bridge gaps, and readjust perspectives toward implementation of mindfulness and compassion in an ever-changing multicultural society. She is committed to contemplative studies for the purpose of enhancing social consciousness and providing access to practice for disenfranchised populations and global mental health efforts. She is also a vipassana practitioner and a certified vinyasa yoga teacher and practitioner.